Sarp=Snake ; Asana = posture

amazing benefits of sarpasana

Sarpasana is regarded as a preposition for Bhujangasana or Cobra pose. In classical yoga sarpasana falls under the category of backward bending position which are considered to be energising and activating postures. Sarpasana is one of such asanas falling under the basic category where we prepare ourselves for further advanced backward bending postures. As a word of caution before attempting deep backward bends, we must take proper care of our spine while doing these practices as this is a very delicate structure composed of several ligaments, nerves, connective tissues, discs and muscles. The anatomy of this structure is a diverse which allows us to move in several dimensions while performing different actions and at the same time maintaining all our sensory and motor functions possible.

How to do Sarpasana

  1. As it a prone position so lie down prone on the mat with your hands by the side straight, legs together and forehead on the floor.
  2. Clench your fingers nicely on your hips.
  3. Take a deep breath in, hold it inside and start lifting the torso up from the floor with the head first and then rest. The legs will assume a firm position while being straight and contracted. You can also engage your hips if needed.
  4. As you reach you final position, continue breathing, while contracting the blades of shoulders and extending the arms further, as much as possible.
  5. Breathing might be difficult here as diaphragm is under pressure. Follow the natural rythm and try to be stable in the asana.
  6. Hold for minimum 15 seconds and then while exhaling release the tension from the muscles and come down in the prone position.
  7. Repeat the asana in 4 sets.

Sarpasana Benefits

  • Sarpasana helps to All the organs of abdomen get proper massage.
  • Strengthens chest and shoulders.
  • This asana strengthens the lungs and the heart and you can get the balanced heart beat.
  • Increases appetite and therapeutic in constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, diabetes, acidity and wind troubles.
  • Makes spine more flexible, prevents slip disk, cervical and back pain.
  • Strengthens legs, lungs and heart.

Although the asanas are effective is sustaining the well being and health, we strongly recommend that they must be performed under an expert guidance.

This article showcase some of the benefits which can be obtained with a regular practise of Sarpasana.

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