Wondering about what a holistic daily routine should be like? Well we may not have the answers but for certain there is a to-do list mentioned below which can be easily adopted to get more out of your day!! Just remember, this routine is deeply connected with the subtle psychic characteristics influencing the outer somatic personality. Thus it involves certain methods which not only stimulate your physical energies, but also boost you up in pranic and mental regimes.

  1. Wake up at Brahmmuhrat (dawn) to avoid laziness during the rest of the day. A healthy individual needs only 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Chant the below mantra immediately after waking up while sitting in bed and keeping your palms together in front of your face:

“Karagre Vasate Laxmi , karmadhye Saraswati |
Karmule Sthitaa Gauri, Prabhate kardarshanam ||”

  1. Drink a whole pot (approx. 1 Ltr) of water kept in a copper vessel over night to retain a smooth bowel motion and cleansing of the intestines. Avoid taking Bed Tea or Coffee at the early hour after waking up as this is not a very healthy habit to have.
  2. Finish your daily regimen before going out to any kind of work. Clean your bowels, teeth, take a bath. Practice Yoga and sit for a light meditation contemplating on you. Eat a light and rejuvenating breakfast and then go ahead for your daily chores.
  3. For lunch the best time is around 12 noon to 1:30 pm. This is the time of pitta which helps in digesting and absorbing whatever has been eaten. Walk 100 steps after the meals and do not sleep at any cost. One who sleeps after food becomes lazy and lethargic and sick. Do not run or do strenuous work immediately after meals. This brings old age and other disorders.
  4. Dinner should be taken around 7 to 8 pm and there must be a gap of atleast 2 to 3 hours between dinner and sleep. Dinner must include more liquids and no dry foods like excessive salads as it can prevent you from falling asleep. There must be a moderate combination of liquids and semi solid food in your diet at night.

To conclude, its SIMPLE. Try it and see the change yourself.