Hatha Yoga: Mind Body Alignment

Hatha yoga is an art and science of mind body alignment. It is testified over the ages to bring about fundamental changes in our lives. This branch of yoga aims at creating a harmony between the active and passive forces of an individual through various methods of asanas, pranayam and purification. The principle of hatha yoga extends along the lines of intense purification of the body targeting a more calm and focused mind. A body free of toxins and hyper stimulative tendencies is supposed to be the abode of a calm and serene mind which can be put to use efficiently in walks of life.


Hatha yoga enables the students to use of certain methods and pursuing some conducts in life in order to achieve this balance. A disciplined life is a prosperous life and a healthy body leads us to healthy and happy experiences which are not distorted by physical or psychic toxins. This philosophy of hatha yoga makes it unique and a comprehensive system of health and wellness conducive to all those with an inclination towards natural ways of attaining health and vitality.


Hatha yoga is one of the primary branches of Yoga which was established in its present format by one of the most commendable yogis of his times, Swatmaram. In his classical text on Hatha yoga, named Hatha Yoga Pradeepika (Light on Hatha Yoga) Swatmaram describes Hatha yoga as a means to reach the highest states of Raj Yoga as is clear from the following statement:

pranayam shreegurum naatham swatmaramen yogina |

kevalam rajyogaay hathvidyapadhishyate ||

only for the sole purpose of Raj Yoga, swatmaram instructs the knowledge of Hatha yoga.” He made it clear in the very beginning of the text that this whole system is only a means to the end which is the ultimate state of union.

hatha yoga: mind body alignment


The word HATHA is comprised of two root words viz. ‘HA’ & ‘THA’. Ha represents the Solar principle of the universe and Tha represent the Lunar. Sun is the active or the energizing principle of universe which is responsible for activity and action and is related to Prana Shakti or the cosmic force of life. Lunar or Moon is more passive force which is related to mental concepts of thought and emotions and is called Chitta Shakti.

Hatha yoga, as a discipline, is a method of harmonizing and balancing these two forces in the individuals where they are correspondingly represented by Actions and Thoughts. Hatha yoga which is often known as Yoga today almost all over the world, must be understood correctly in order to receive the benefits which it is supposed to bestow on the practitioner. Swatmaram in Hatha Yoga Pradeepika says:

Asheshtaaptaptaanam samaashraymatho hathah l

Asheshyogyuktaanamaadharakmatho hathah ||

“For those continually tempered by the heat of taap or pain (the three types of pain – spiritual, environmental and physical) Hatha is like the hermitage giving protection from the heat. For those always united in yoga, hatha is the basis acting like a tortoise.

Hatha yoga has been prescribed as a unique medicine for the three kinds of sufferings that human beings has to borne in their journey of life. The practices of hatha yoga makes us fit and strong to withstand the unfavourable circumstances in life and also for those who are balanced on all the levels of personality, hatha yoga acts like a foundation of such a balance. we also planing to provide free 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training india classes online to promote yoga worldwide.