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Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali

Almost 3000 years ago, Maharishi Patanjali, gave us an exact antidote to all the diseases and stresses of mind in the form of his eightfold yoga popularly known as Ashtanga yoga. This system is composed of 8 sequential steps to follow which takes the practitioner from the gross aspects of behavior and conduct to the more subtle realms of psyche. The compatibility of this system of yoga lies in its logical and inclusive nature. It addresses all the spheres of human nature from the external habits and patterns to the role of body in making up the patterns and the deep layers of mind from where the behavior evolves. Ashtanga yoga teaches us how to manage our lives based upon the principles of acceptance and transformation. The 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga are :

  • Yam : 5 basic tenets of social behavior. These are fundamental transformational seeds for modifying the way we interact with our society and community. These are said to be the great vows which initiates a person on the path of yoga. 5 yamas are:
    • Ahinsa : non violence
    • Satya : truthfulness
    • Asteya : non stealing
    • Aparigrah : non accumulation
    • Brahmcharya : celibacy
  • Niyam : another 5 codes of personal conduct. These forms the basis of a person self care and energy management.
    • Shauch : personal hygiene
    • Santosh : self contentment
    • Swadhyay : self reflection and study
    • Tapas : continence
    • Ishwar pranidhan : dedication and gratitude
  • Asana : Stable and comfortable body posture for attainment of mental tranquility.
  • Pranayama : Extension and control of breath and energy
  • Pratyahar : Preparing the mind by relaxing the sensory activity
  • Dharana : Developing the power of mind to be able to concentrate
  • Dhyana : Merging the mind into an absolute state of meditation
  • Samadhi: State of bliss and joy, complete union of individual consciousness with the consciousness absolute. And end to the world of duality and getting established in the ultimate Brahma.