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benefit of chanting OM

Om is a universal sound that has been chanted by yogis and spiritual seekers for ages. It can offer major benefits for the spirit, mind and body. Whether you are a person who is actively venturing into the spiritual realm or simply want to have a sound body and mind, you can practice Om mantra for its numerous positive benefits. The best yoga ashram in Rishikesh strongly recommends chanting the Om mantra on a regular basis. Here are some reasons why you should start practicing the Om mantra in your daily life.

According to hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh,Chanting the Om Mantra can help in cleansing the immediate setting around you, thus making it possible to create optimisticatmosphere.

Chanting Om provides you with better resistance as well as self-healing power.

Your power of concentration increases greatly when you chant the universal Om hymn.

It can improve your focus more intently.

Chanting Om can place you immediately in a deep meditational state and provide you with a sense of intense relaxation.

The chanting of Om mantra creates a unique sound and shudder that can be felt through your sinuses and-vocal cords. This vibration opens up your sinuses and clears the air-paths.

Om Mantra has strong cardiovascular supports; it can relax our body and-mind, thereby dipping our blood pressure and allows our heart to beat in regular rhythm.

The sound of Om not only has an immensely beneficial effect on the person who is doing the chanting but it also impacts the men and women around them, anywhere its vibrations flow.

It is always a good practice to rub both your hands together as you chant Om and then put the charged hands on various area of the body that requires healing. This method can also activate the chakras of the body parts that are touched.

Chanting Om can improve your voice greatly by imbibing strength to the vocal cords as well as the muscles just around it. This can be particularly helpful in old age.

Chanting Om mantra on a regular basis can help you to move forward on your spiritual journey and attain greater sense of contentment and positivity. However, it is important that you practice chanting Omdaily for long periods of time. You must remember that mantras cannot just fix your problems overnight and you must develop the patience to learn all correct techniques.

The Om mantra can also help in cleansing the skin. Intense levels of encouraging energy that are felt inside can purify and purify your aura which can lead to a better texture of your skin with a bright glow observed on your body and face.

Through meditation and Om chanting, you can develop enhanced control over your thoughts and emotions, thereby seeing situations with rational and clear mind.

If OM Mantra is regularly chanted in a large group, its effects are strongly amplified. This can also help in producing enhanced positive vibrations that can charge up the whole vicinity.

Yoga mediation teacher training in Rishikesh explains that the sound uuu that is produced by the vocal cords during the chanting of Om can benefit the throat and the thyroid glands.

The spinal cord can be strengthened effectively through vibrations that are caused by the sound of Aaaa. Since this sound is produced from abdomen, it can improve the supporting muscles present around the spinal cord.

Your eyesight can improve once you start looking at your spiritual eye during the chanting of Om.

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