Mooladhar Chakra

Mooladhar at the base of the spine, has a square yellow mandal, representing the Earth principle, with the bija mantra Lam. The sound vibrations of the four crimson coloured petals, Vam, sham, sham and sam are read clockwise from the upper right petal. Brahma is the presiding diety. Here kundalini lies dormant until the Brahm granthi (the knot of Brahman) opens up by rigorous sadhana and intense purification, allows her to rise. Awakeing of mooladhar bestows mind control, knowledge of past, present and future. Mooladhar is directly connected to the nose and sense of smell and with our animal instincts. At mooladhara human evolution begins and kundalini emerges.


Swadhishthan Chakra

Swadhishthan located in the genital region, controls lower abdomen in the physical body. Its element is water, in a white crescent moon, has Vam as its bija mantra. The six vermillion petals are represented by bam, bham, mam, yam, ram and lam. Vishnu is the presiding diety. Meditation on swadhishthan’s crescent moon gives control over the water element and confers psychic powers, intuitional knowledge and knowledge of astral entitites. Many impure qualities are annihiliated. It is associated with the tongue and the sense of taste. Its influence on the deeper personality arouses a selfish sense of ego.


Manipur Chakra

Manipur at the navel, corresponds to the solar plexus. The red triangular mandala in its center contains the elementifre with bija mantra Ram. The ten petals, dark purple like heavy rain clouds, contain dam, dham, nam, tam, tham, dam, dham, nam, pam and pham. The presiding diety is Rudra. Concentration on Manipur removes fear of fire and gives freedom from disease. Manipur influences the digestive process and the assimilation of food and pran. It is also connected to the eyes and sight.


Anahat Chakra

Anahat located in the heart region, anahat’s element, Air, is in a smoke coloured mandal. The six pointed star has Yam as its bija. The twelve deep red petals contain kam, kham, gam, gham, nam, cam, cham, jam, jham, ynam, tam and tham. Isha is the presiding diety. Anahata sound, the primal vibration of Shabdbraham is heard here. Awakening of anahat gives pure qualities, cosmic love and various psychic powers. It is connected to the cardiac plexus, heart, respiration and thymus gland and is responsible for emotions of love/hate; compassion/cruelty etc. anahat is also connected to the sense of touch and the hands.


Vishuddha Chakra

Vishuddha, at the base of the throat, corresponds to the laryngeal plexus in the physical body, as well as the fifth cosmic plane. Within a pure blue circle is its element Ether, with the bija Ham. The sixteen smokey purple petals contain the Sanskrit vowels; am, aam, im, eem, um, oom, rim, reem, lrim, lrim, em, aim, om, aoum, am, ahm. The presiding diety is Sadasiva. One who meditates on Vishuddha attains high success, complete knowledge of the four Vedas and knows the past, present and future. Vishuddhi is connected to the ears and sense of audition, throat and speech. It arouses acceptance of the adversities of life, mental balance and sensitivity to the needs of others.


Agya Chakra

Between the eybros, Agya, the seat of the mind, has OM as its bija in a pure white circle. On each side are two petals also pure white, their vibrations represented by the Sanskrit letters ham and ksham. It is the command center. Ot opereates in conjunction with the reticular activating system, medualla oblongata andn the pineal gland. Agya chakra is the third eye through which the whole subtle world can be perceived.

The element is Avyakta, the primordial cloud of undifferentiated energy and matter. Paramshiva is the presiding deity. Meditation on Agya destroys the karma of past lives, and gives liberation and intuitional knowledge. It is here that yogis consciously put prana at the time of death.


Sahasrar Chakra

Sahasrar, above and beyond the other six centers, is situated at the crown of head, corresponding to the pituitary gland of the physical body. Its thousand petals, on which are repeated the fiftly letters of the Sanskrit alphabets, is the abode of Shiva. When kundalini shakti is united with Shiva at the sahasrar, yogi experiences extreme bliss, attains superconsciousness state, the highest knowledge and becomes fully developed.

Purification of the chakras and nadis is the first step to physical/ mental health and the awakening of kundalini. Therefore the chakras and nadis have to be strengthened so they are capable of conducting the kundalini shakti.

Through hatha yoga all these chakras are influenced and stimulated, and blockages are removed. The influence of each chakra can be felt in the body an seen in a person’s behavior. Correct balance of energy in each of the chakras is extremely important.