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Hatha yoga
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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga was developed as a systematic approach in the several parts of India almost a thousand years ago. Some claims even goes beyond that, mentioning it to preexist then the above mentioned timeline. However it still is a holistic science of well being. Hatha yoga trains us to handle the energies in our systems which forms the very basis of life. It teaches that energy operates within two polarities to create what is called life. These polarities are depicted by the roots “HA” (vital force) & “THA” (mental force) respectively. Purpose is to balance the two forces in order to move on to the third dimensions. This is achieved by clearing the path ways of this energy and channelizing it through the several existential planes of an individual is the primary objective of hatha yoga. Similar to ashtanga yoga it also lays the foundation for 6 fold yoga practice. The main constituents however are more focused on energy channeling and control. The major limbs are:

  • Shatkarma : The six purificatory actions for a thorough clean up of the physical and energy pathways. Includes:
    • Neti: nasal cleansing
    • Dhauti: abdominal cleansing
    • Vasti: intestinal cleansing
    • Tratak: mental stabilization
    • Nauli: toning the abdominal region
    • Kapalbhati: frontal brain cleansing
  • Asana : Physical postures which aims at attaining the disease free and flexible body. Also they aim towards mobilizing the pranic energy into more subtle layers. Asanas are perfect tools for ensuring a sound health for body and mind. There are a variety of asanas which are taught in several ways across the world, but all of them find their origin in the hatha yoga system.
  • Pranayama : Expansion and control of energy via breath.
  • Bandha : Controlling and channelizing the energy in the body using locking postions at vivid sensitive spots.
  • Mudra : Gestures of physical body to allow for a smooth flow of prana.
  • Dhyana : Techniques to obtain tranquil state of mind.

Hatha yoga prepares the individual for further practices of kundalini and ashtanga yoga.