Healthy Living

The definition of health in yoga, Ayurveda or Vedanta is all inclusive. It deals comprehensively with several aspects of a being viz. Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

Physically we are constituted of :

  • Doshas (the three essential humors)
  • Dhatus (the tissues)
  • Agni (the metabolic principle)
  • Mal (the wastes materials)

Mentally we are constituted of :

  • 5 Sense Organs
  • Manas (mind)
  • Buddhi (intellect)
  • Ahankar (ego)

Spiritually we are constituted of :

  • The Self

Pran is a vital force that binds these components together in a harmony allowing the Self to experience the objective reality without any perversions.We keep our physical body functioning in coordination with senses and mind so as to give positive and transforming experiences to Self. This is the definition of health in these life sciences.

A healthy living or life has to be essentially build around this very idea of synchronicity. A close connection between the vital components of an individual by carefully choosing the diet, workout and inputs for mind, is all a part of healthy living.

Yoga propounds simplicity as a key to health. What we eat must be pure and simple, easily digestible and nourishing to the tissues and pleasing to mind, senses, intelligence, non stimulative and naturally acceptable.Workout must be also based upon the principles of body mechanics involved in production and consumption of energy in the system.

Mind must be kept in a balanced field of activity by giving it appropriate feedback and nutrition through the senses which helps in clearing out the confusions and complexes from buddhi or intellect.This in brief is termed as the characteristics of a healthy living. One must take into consideration a wholesome approach towards life while deciding upon the criteria of health and well being. One who is connected evenly and harmoniously with all the components of inner and outer existence.