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Yoga Alliance U.S.A
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12 students per class
Hatha yoga
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Jeevmoksha Eco Yoga Ashram

Jeevmoksha Eco Yoga Ashram

The vision is to bring forth the Vedic and Yogic vision of health, well being and sustainability. Given to us by our realized Rishis, the concept of a holistic life style can be garnered in each and every individual, irrespective of their place and situation. The mantra of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” i.e. we are all one global family, is to be realized where is life is lived in accordance with the natural principles and coexistence become an actuality.

To bring foth the meaning and purpose of Yoga and Yogic lifestyle. To bring forth the original principles of yoga as being laid by numerous yogis over the period of countless years of research and development of this unique science, to the world view so as to make lives of all much fulfilling and motivating all beings towards harmony and self realization.

To propagate health and wellness through the natural disciplines whereby any body and every body can experience the magical power of healing and rejuvenation with yoga on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

To provide a space for yoga seekers and students from all walks of life where they can find what they are looking for about this ancient science of life and art of living.

To establish a sanctuary of organic and permaculture community where we can learn to live in harmony with mother nature without disturbing the laws. Attainment of life goals is redefined with the help of ancient teachings of Vedas, so we can grow in humanity and enjoy a life free of diseases, anxieties, worries, stresses, fears and limitations.

To bring up to the surface the vedic sciences of Vastu (architecture) and krishi (farming) so as to motivate local communities by setting appropriate examples, to take up organic farming as a way of life. Through this they can earn themselves a living in a most fair way and also enriching the lives of others by making way for a clean and healthy food materials available for majority.

Blending the yogic principles into modern lifestyle and getting the best of balance and harmony in our lives.

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Jeevmoksha Mission

  • Reestablishing the yogic principles.
  • Restoring values of yogic life
  • Spreading awareness on health and well being through natural ways of living
  • Educating people on the need of ecological balance to be maintained and efficiency of yoga in achieving the same
  • Bringing people together by removing the barriers of ego and misconceptions
  • Bringing spiritual orientation to those who are searching
  • Working towards preservation of nature and natural laws
  • Awareness about right food and importance of that right food.
  • Training energetic and spiritually attuned yoga teachers to spread out the message to the world
  • Conduct high quality research in the field of yoga

My guru’s vision and realization I had about my karma in life

Instead of getting lost into the race of money, material and power, I feel its better to dedicate this life into creating something that will being people closer to their roots and provide them with peace, comfort and spiritual directions. As Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of needs” suggests, humans above all, need spiritual fulfillment in their lives else there will always be a feeling of lacking. So this place will function as a multiverse, serving people from all walks and cultures, to come together, share, learn and grow