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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is the eternal form of life energy which is responsible for unfolding the universe in a creative dimension. It is said to be the mother of this existence. In individual beings this force manifest as all the creative aspects that a person can exhibit. We all have a kundalini energy residing in us to be harnessed and used for the highest purpose. In the spiritual world its said to be responsible for giving a person the highest experience of  Bliss absolute.

Kundalini yoga is associated with activation of higher psychic center on an individual which are commonly known as Chakras. These are specific areas in the energy body which correlates with a particular dimension of human experience. Kundalini yoga activates these centers through certain practice by awakening of the force of kundalini which eventually penetrates each of the chakras along the spinal column to bring about the higher experiences in our lives.

The major chakras in human body are as follows.:

  • Mooladhar Chakra : in the perineum
  • Swadhishtan Chakra : at the tailbone
  • Manipura Chakra : at the navel center
  • Anahat Chakra : at the heart center
  • Vishuddha Chakra : at the throat pit
  • Agya Chakra : at the eyebrow center
  • Sahasrar Chakar : at the crown of the head