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Acharya Vinay

acharya-vinay-picAcharya Vinay was born  into a Brahmin family where yoga was a household virtue and his grandfather passed his legacy to his father in form of traditional values of yoga, astrology and dharma. He started studying the scriptures on Veda, Upanishads and Yoga under his father at the early age of 12. It is still a tradition in India, that such disciplines are passed on from generation to generation. The seeds were sown very early, but as like every seed, it took time to ripe out. It got ripe with the initiation by his Guru Yogi Rudranath of Himalayas and acharya was inclined towards a spiritual outlook of life.

While being a child, he was blessed with the opportunity of being in the satsang of several saints and spiritual teachers from different walks of life. Among those were karma yogis and swamis who provided a healthy fertilizer for the seed which was sown earlier.  He was driven onto this sacred path of acquiring the yogic knowledge under his father whom he considers to be his first guru who gave all the foundational values. And later he was initiated by Guru Rudranath of nath tradition consolidating the resolve and providing him further guidance. Acharya ascribes Jeevmoksha as a vision transferred from Rudranth ji for promoting yoga and allied systems all over.

By family lines acharya is also a disciple of the ancient Sri Vidya tradition of Tantra. It’s the oldest followed sect in India which is established on the principles of Shakti and her attributes. Adi Shakti is the name for goddess and she is considered to be the divine mother from which this whole existence emerges. Shakti is worshipped in her nine forms each being responsible for one aspect of the universe.

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  • Umesh Ji conducts the Vinyasa sessions at Jeevmoksha Yoga Gurukul.
  • He started practising yoga 10 years ago and since then, he has tried to incorporate the core values into his lifestyle and not just keeping it limited to the physical practices.
  • He is a simple in heart person who loves to share his knowledge and experience with everyone willing.
  • His style of teacing is gentle but strong and he enjoys his lessons while trying to involve each and every student in the stream.
  • He has taught on a multitude of platforms from resorts in India to yoga studios in Russia and has considerable experience on delievering the techniques to students in various groups with immense care and caution while carving out space for individual learning and development.
  • As part of his academic achievement he holds a university diploma in yogic science from Rishikesh.



  • Margurite is a fellow Yogini from United States of America with her medical degree in clinical Psychology and a huge practise experience in the field.
  • She is providing her valuable guidance and knowledge in terms of designing and delivering the anatomical and physiological concepts while maintaining the authenticity of the information therefore being forwarded to the students Yoga teacher training course india.
  • She has devoted his entire life to study the literary aspect of Yoga and impart the teachings of traditional yoga and Indian philosophy to younger generation in a very simple and precise manner.She loves to focus on traditional approach of yoga and aims to make this ancient practice available to everyone.
  • She volunteers at Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul while her stay in India center by offering her time and wisdom as a true Karma yogi while expecting nothing in return.



  • Divya is a post graduate of Yogic Sciences from Sanskrit University of Uttarakhand.
  • She focus on women’s health by incorporating the techniques of asanas, pranayama, mantras and light meditations.
  • She conducts yoga classes for prenatal and postnatal conditions for women with a very gentle and simple approach and most of her lessons are a direct outcome of her own personal experience of the stages of pregnancy and the later recovery periods.
  • She also conducts live cooking classes and demos on yogic cuisine.



  • Kalpendra is a senior pranayama and meditation teacher sharing his experience with us at Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul.
  • He did his post graduation in Yogic Sciences from Yoga University of Haridwar and specializes in teaching the breath work techniques and meditation.
  • Kalpendra had the opportunity of being in company with some experts on pranayam from the Himalayan tradition and drink the nectar of this beautiful art. He has been teaching since last 7 years in different parts of the country.
  • Currently he is teaching external and internal breathing techniques of hatha Yoga teacher training course India and how to use breath for aligning the psychosomatic connections of our body at Jeevmoksha Yoga Gurukul.