Mantras & Kirtans

Mantras are very powerful source of achieving over all well being at various planes. The day at Jeevmoksha begins with the divine chants of various vedic mantras. Group chanting generates very powerful vibrations which effects our nerves and brain in a very positive manner. this allows the nervous system to get charged up with energy and vigour for the whole day. Such a positively attuned brain helps in understanding the whole yogic philosophy with much clarity.
Students are provided with their own mantra sheets. Guruji explains the correct phonetic pronunciation of each syllable to recieve maximum benefits.

Kirtans are yet another integral part of Jeevmoksha gurukul. Kirtan is spiritual form singing using instruments and vocals. Very small pieces of lyrics are repeated again and again in a particular tune with harmony. Important part is to feel the vibrations and rhythm.

Kirtan encourage the free expression of pent up emotional energy. It allows the person to channelize this energy toward a divine source to which we all are connected. Its the primary technique used in Bhakti yoga to concentrate the mind and get rid of negativity and exhaustive tendencies. A person feels refreshed and very calm after participating in an active kirtan session.

With our very own musical yogis, every week at least two sessions of kirtan are held where all students and teachers merge together into a profound spiritual environment. The energy is really positive and you will definitely be able to absorb a lot without needing words and definitions to experience.