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Robynn Nierop

“My experience at Jeevmoksha ultimately, changed the direction of my life. A combination of having the opportunity to experience and get to know myself through my yoga practise, while continuously cleansing my mind and body, took me to places I hadn’t explored before.
The connections established with both my teachers and fellow students provided the guidance and support required to really explore this journey and it was one that has impacted me like no other! I am currently at home in Canada, already working on how I can return to Jeevmoksha in Rishikesh! I will forever be thankful for the people I met, the knowledge I have gained and the confidence that I’ve taken away to be able to teach yoga to allow others the opportunity to expand their own mind while exploring their yoga practise safely and mindfully. Thank you, Jeevmoskha.”

Maiken Toft Christiansen

“I came to Jeevmoksha and met Vinay and the rest of his team. It is never a lucky coincidence where you go and who you met, but today I feel like that was truly the case! I was in a down period in my life, escaping from the western civilization like so many others, but I found peace and calmness in the place of the school. The two first weeks was pain in the body physically and mentally but after that is was starting to relieve. I basically had no technical or historical foundation about yoga, I just knew it worked for me. Vinay and his team opened those doors to me and I feel so much more aware about myself and my doing, it all makes so much more sense. I have been given tools to work with my self-going forward and to not end in a down again like previous. Of cause more things come up now but this yoga journey continues and I keep exploring my path. Without the beginning with Vinay it would not have been possible. He is unbelievable skilled in what he teaches and does it in an understandable way, he is patient and accurate with his students, has a modest and humle personality and always a little smile when he welcomes you. I will tell everybody to go there and meet him, not only for those who want to learn how to teach yoga because that was not my case, go there also for you own sake! To learn how to practice yoga on your own body and learn from a skilled and personal teacher! When you get that teaching is easier later on, I have found that out now.. I will surely come back to Jeevemoksha and Vinay when my body is ready for another Indian adventure. All the best to Vinay, his family.”

Sophie Belanger Calagary, Canada

“I am a calgary, AB, Canada businesswoman simultaneously running a business and raising 2 daughters with my utmost dedication.I went to India last November wishing to deepen my yoga practice and I felt going to the roots of yoga: India was all indicated.
Vinay was my personal yoga guru for 10 days.

As a north American fast-paced citizen, I arrived to Vinay, ready to ‘perform’ yoga, challenge my body to the utmost pretzel postures! Vinay ‘read’ me in a minute. We sat down and he talked to me about the real purpose and meaning of yoga. We looked at old Sanskrit yoga books. Vinay taught me to breath. His warm presence made me feel welcome right away. Vinay is fully present. Vinay is very knowledgeable, he lives yoga. His authentic smile, care and devotion to give me the best teachings have given me not only yoga knowledge but life tools and awareness. I highly recommend vinay to you. If I had to choose, I would choose him again without hesitation. He is gifted for happiness and I think he is simply an incredible human being. he saw the light in me and brought clarity to my life. I now cannot live without yoga. I will go back to India just to practice with him. I haven’t lost touch with him since I’m back, he inquires about how my practice has evolved, chat about our families, and life challenges.”

Margurite, USA

“Greatful is the best way to express my experience at Jeevmoksha Yoga Gurukul. What a great opportunity to get to study yoga in Rishikesh and specifically at Jeevmoksha. The class size allowed each of us to work on some of our own interests and difficulties. Also small class size allowed each of to teach a full 90 minute class as well as micro lessons. You think you know what you’re going to say and do, but its more challenging than it seems. We had the opportunity to get to know the teachers adn learn about modern Indian culture in addition to studying the historic. It gave us a chance to live a simple yogic lifestyle with good food and time for reflection. Even though it was a quiet life, it seems something exciting happens everyday. The monkeys provided entertainment by interrupting our asana class, stealing my breakfast one morning and using my fresh laundry as a washcloth. Another, sitting in lecture and seeing a baby monkey peeking in, is one of the sights i won’t forget. Visiting temples where Hare Krishna Hare Rama has been chanted continously for decades gives a new insight into the meaning of devotion.

Asana pracitse on the Ganga beach was a beautiful setting. All in all a month at Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul was a magical part of the journey that is Yoga.”

Ben Gadd, London

“It’s so peaceful here, I feel blessed to be in nature. When I walk up the stairs to the yoga studio before morning practice, the view takes my breath away. I like to meditate on the sounds the birds make.
I’m really learning something of the way my mind is … sometimes it’s all over the place. With no TV, radio, work, or other distractions, and all that practice, I get to see all the crazy thoughts I have, all the mental projections. And very occasional micro-glimpses of stillness.

I guess the first thing is awareness. I don’t have to make any decisions, don’t have to work, don’t have to decide what to eat. All I have to do is turn up for practice and practice with awareness. Everything else is taken care of. No distractions. It feels far away from the real world. Maybe I don’t want to be in the real world?”

Zuzana Fajkusova

“Trying to write Yoga teacher training reviews, i would like to say that Jeevmoksha is more then postures, it’s about the true meaning of yoga. No matter where you are in your journey, this will give you a foundation in the deep roots of yoga. The possibilities are endless, are you ready to learn?If all you are looking for is fashion – either look elsewhere or come here and change your mind. This is not just a place to burn incense, talk about healing chakras and compare notes on how The Secret is your favourite book. This is deep yogic psychology, philosophy, history and practice.

Mr. Vinay, your teacher and guide, will take you the through profound personal experience through the practice of ancient Sanskrit texts and wisdom and teach you practical skills that you can take away not only for yourself, but to expand the consciousness of your future students.I will not say the training will change your life – as life is cyclical- rather it will fundamentally change how you view and deal with life on daily basis.”

Maria Rosario Spano, Switzerland

“Vinay is a very experienced yoga teacher and can really let you feel the true meaning of the yoga practice. He has a big spiritual knowing, he is rooted in the ancient tradition but he lives in the modern world, so he can easily be understood by western people. We especially loved his social and environmental sensibility which is also rooted in a yogic point of view.

Our experience with him has been very stimulating for our individual practice and also for our yoga classes. We can say that he has permitted us to go deeply and forward in all practices we did know and introduced on some others we didn’t know with a lot of skill and about all aspects: practical, anatomic/physiologic and philosophical. At the end of our 2 weeks intensive stage we would just plan the come back 🙂

We also found in Vinay a friendly, positive and generous person, we just hope he can continue to flourish and diffuse yoga to motivated people.”

Sabine Barone, Holland

“The yoga intensive course at jeevmoksha has been life changing for me. Vinay is a very inspirational teacher. He has a good sense for the group dynamics and everybody’s individual needs. I like it that he is true to the roots of yoga and that he is very thorough in his lessons. Step by step he is adding something when the group is ready to go the next level. In that way it is not just 4 great weeks but something that is more profound. I still feel very connected to jeevmoksha and Vinay and I am very gratefull for the time I spend with him. In my practice here back in Holland I can connect to Vinays teachings; in the asana’s, the pranayama and during the mantras I am chanting. And that is exactly the intention of Vinay; to support people in the realization of themselves. A caring, inspiring, warmhearted guru!”