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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh


Immerse into a learning experience that will completely transform your mind, body and soul with our 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course. 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course aims to provide a strong foundation for individuals who want to embark on their journey ahead as a certified yoga teacher. The duration of the course is 74 days, where you will deepen your basic learning in yoga, practice it and take it ahead professionally as a career.

500 hours Yoga Teacher Training program is a highly structured, intensive and challenging yoga course that inculcates yogic knowledge into our students and provides them with an opportunity to learn and practice it at an advanced level.

Our curriculum will enhance your learning at various levels: mentally, spiritually and physically. Here you will have a complete self-transforming learning experience. We have a team of experienced and qualified trainers who will guide you to become an accomplished practitioner and teacher. We have a teacher-student ratio of 1:2, where we pay special attention to each and every one of you so that you have an immersive learning experience.

We offer a relaxing environment, where you’ll be taught to learn, implement, practice and upskill people to lead a peaceful and harmonious lifestyle. This course is specially designed to accomplish all the needs, you need to be a certified yoga trainer.

The program is a fully accredited certification by Yoga Alliance (USA) and after you complete your training, you will be awarded a 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Our course will provide you with opportunities to learn, explore and have a life-changing experience.

Components Covered

  • Asanas (Yoga poses)
  • Pranayama (Yogic breathing exercises)
  • Shatkriyas (Yogic cleansing actions)
  • Bandhas (yoga energy locks)
  • Mudra (the yogic body gestures)
  • Yoga Nidra (dynamic meditation)
  • Asanas (Yoga poses)
  • Pranayama (Yogic breathing exercises)
  • Shatkriyas (Yogic cleansing actions)
  • Bandhas (yoga energy locks)
  • Mudra (the yogic body gestures)
  • Yoga Nidra (dynamic meditation)

Course dates

Dates will be updated soon…..

A day at our Ashram

Monday - Friday
07:00 A.M.

Morning Practise

Our mornings start with traditional Hatha yoga Asanas. The morning session is usually held at our Ashram, but if the weather is pleasant and the students up for an outdoor session, we do venture out to practice Asanas at Ganga River beach, or in the forest. Cool air blowing from the river gives us the right start for the intensive day.

08:30 A.M.

Mantras and Kriyas

After the morning Asanas session, it’s time to practice pranayama or meditation for deep relaxation and improved focus. Shatkarma or Cleansing class is also conducted alternatively. The students practice the Cleansing session outside the Yoga Hall, at our garden.

09:15 A.M.


After a long morning of practice, it’s time to stock up on healthy nutrients. Our breakfast is sattvic and consists of fresh fruits, legumes, vegetables, sprouts, and traditional Indian cuisines. Vegan option is available to those who require it. For those who have allergies to certain foods, we make sure that the food is served as per their specifications.

10:30 A.M.

Subject Lectures & Philosophy

After breakfast, students relax for a while in the garden or their rooms. At 10:30 Yoga philosophy classes are held in which Yogacharya Vinay explores the true nature of Yoga and how it can benefit people. The classes are theoretical in nature, and all the class material is provided to the students. Traditional, Vedic form of yoga is discussed in the class and students are encouraged to ask about any doubts they have about yoga, meditation or philosophy.

12:00 NOON

Alignment & Adjustment

01:15 P.M.


We serve traditional Indian food for lunch. Chapati, Dal, Vegetables, Salad, Rice, Yogurt (for non-vegans), Papad, etc. Our food is prepared with care and only a small quantity of spices are used. If the students have any particular preference, they usually let us know in advance. We happily accommodate the dietary preference of the students.

02:30 P.M.

Self study & Assignments

03:15 P.M.

Yoga Anatomy / Teaching Methodology

After Lunch, students rest for a while. In the winters students soak up the sun sitting at the Veranda. In the rains, students group in the dining hall. In the summers students spend alone time in their rooms. After an hour of rest, they all regroup for the Yoga anatomy session with Praful. Praful helps them understand the impact of yoga asanas on their body and how to focus on the right part of the body while performing a specific Asana.

04:30 P.M.

Evening Practise

After Anatomy, students once again start their Hatha yoga Asana practice, applying all that they have learned. Practicing Asanas is one of the key focus of the program, and over one-third of the course is composed of practical Asana sessions.

07:00 P.M.


After the intensive and exhausting day, students gather around the dining table to share their experience with fellow students. Dinner is served at 7:15 PM and students, enjoy their meal after the demanding schedule of the day.

10:00 P.M.

Good Night

A well-rested body is absolutely necessary to make the most of the program, therefore the lights of the Ashram are switched off at 10:30 PM, giving full 8 hours to the students to rejuvenate themselves and prepare for the next day.


» 07:00 am – Morning Abhyas
» 08:30 am – Kriyas
» 09:15 am – Breakfast
» 10:30 am – Outings/Free time
» 01:00 pm – Lunch
» 02:30 pm – Free time
» 04:00 pm – Group Discussions
» 07:00 pm – Dinner
» 10:00 pm – Good night

Schedule breakdown for the week :
❖ 10:30 am to 11:30 am
Monday to Thursday: Subject Lectures
Friday: 11:00 am to 01:00 pm – Micro Teaching Workshop

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Visit the ancient Vashishta Guha (cave) as a part of the curriculum so as to experience a real contemplative awareness and meditation. This place is a calm and extremely energetic abode for all seekers who want to spend time in solicitation looking into themselves. A small ashram located in the midst of the Himalayas along the river Ganga.
  • In addition to that, Nature walks & treks are a regular feature of the program where students are exposed to nearby places of serenity and peace. The guided tour is organized to the places like Kunjapuri in order to get a glimpse of Himalayan natural landscape and beauty.
  • Also regular interaction with Masters from the discipline of Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, Vedanta and Life sciences. This helps to know more about the Integral Yoga and related sciences hence increasing understanding about these holistic ways of health and well-being.
  • Furthermore, Yagya or holy fire ceremony is also organized while the course. It is an opportunity to learn to sacrifice the false ego. In addition to that, it cultivates samskaras of compassion and harmony with the whole universe.
  • Satsang and Silent meditation, Mantra chanting, Discourses or readings on the philosophy of Yoga and Vedanta. It helps to develop a strong and steady state of mind very especially relevant in practical life situations of arousal and aggression.
  • Students also can choose to avail the opportunity of enjoying the white water rafting in Ganga while being in Rishikesh depending on weather conditions.

Ethics & Behavior Guidelines

  • We follow the traditional approach of Yoga in teaching & practice. Therefore teachings can be different from the pattern taught in most of the western countries. 
  • We do not follow or teach any of the modern-day modifications of Yoga which are presented by several names. The students must keep in mind that the teachings will be strictly under the traditional principles of  Yoga.
  • Behavior is an integral part of learning as well as the assessment procedure. Students must, therefore, adhere to the idea of community and harmony.This is extremely helpful to learn & grow & is an integral part of the Gurukul system.
  • We intend to culminate the experience of well-being on mental and physical planes of a person. The purpose of training and routine is to gain the maximum of our time and efforts. 
  • Discipline is a must. So the students must pursue the course routine and structure seriously.
  • There is no provision for having guests. The information has to provided to the administration beforehand if you are having visitors on the campus.
  • Attendance in all classes on time is a must.
  • Students need to possess a competent state of physical and mental health. Because the practices of yoga can be strenuous sometimes for body and mind. So please consult your physician before commencing the course if any issues of health exist, and inform the Jeevmoksha administration.

Dietary Guidelines

  • The food guidelines of Yoga &  Ayurveda are used to prepare meals. Students must be able to adjust their food habits in relation to the same. Usually, we do not allow outside food during the course. Meals are pure vegetarian. 
  • All types of intoxication and unethical practices are strictly restricted at the Gurukul. Observe the codes of yoga lifestyle during your stay at the Gurukul. It is extremely important for the sadhaka of yoga to adapt to the virtues of truthfulness, awareness, self-introspection, compassion for all beings & attitude of devotion so as to gain progress and strength of body and mind.

Terms & Conditions

  • In order to ensure a firm progress, the student must attend all the sessions without fail.
  • Visiting hours of friends and relatives are limited during the day.
  • The accommodation provided will be simple & basic in nature with one room with attached toilets and the meals served will also be plain and sattvic in composition.
  • For any grievances please contact the course coordinator.
  • The candidature is subject to cancellation at any time during the course due to misbehavior or non-compliance with the rules & regulations by the student at the discretion of the Jeevmoksha administration.
  • In addition to above, please make sure to clear all the dues before leaving the premises

Shared Room

  • Course tuition fees
  • 3 daily fresh organic meals
  • 28 Days shared accommodation
  • Weekly towel replacement
  • Weekly bed sheet replacement
  • 2 Weekend local excursion trips
  • Spiritual development session
  • Satsang and Keertan sessions
  • 8 seats available every month
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Private Room

  • Course tuition fees
  • Three daily fresh organic meals
  • 28 Days private accommodation
  • Weekly Towel replacement
  • Weekly bed sheet replacement
  • 2 Weekend local excursion trips
  • Spiritual development session
  • Satsang and Keertan sessions
  • 4 seats available every month
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Refund Policy

The fee once paid for 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is non-refundable. This can be adjusted to any further date within one year from the date of enrollment if the student is not being able to appear for the course enrolled. The information has to be provided to the institute administration beforehand. The decision to transfer the registration fee lies solely with Jeevmoksha administration towards transferring the fee to a further date.  

NOTE: If candidate is to leave in between the course, Registration fee will not be adjusted towards any other payments like accommodation etc.