200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh


Life-Changing 25 Days

Jeevmoksha yoga 200 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is a 25 days intensive course and is recognized by Yoga Alliance (USA). The intention is to provide elementary yoga education to the students. Successful completion of the course will allow students to conduct beginner yoga classes anywhere in the world. Yoga is a process of continuous learning and experiencing. Hence this course gives a platform to students to live, think & act in a yogic way. Also, it helps to walk ahead on the path of happiness and profoundity. The formula of “do it and feel it” is used to teach students.

Students can implement the knowledge of yoga which they acquire at our yoga teacher training course, towards benefiting themselves and others. After the course, the participants receive their certificates of completion of 200 hour yoga teacher training. It enables them to enroll themselves as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, and conduct yoga classes at a place of their choice anywhere in the world.

“The course is not just about training in some physical exercises, but rather enriching the lives of all with this science of life called Yoga.”

– Acharya Vinay

Components Covered

– Asanas (Yoga poses)
– Pranayama (Yogic breathing exercises)
– Shatkriyas (Yogic cleansing actions)

– Bandhas (yoga energy locks)
– Mudra (the yogic body gestures)
– Yoga Nidra (deep psychic relaxation)

  • Sound healing
  • Meditations 
  • Mantras & Bhajans


  • Applied anatomy & physiology
  • Alignment in Asanas
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Study of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Study of Hatha Yoga Pradeepika
  • Life philosophy of Bhagwad Geeta

Eligibility for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

  • Any level of practitioner can enroll in the Jeevmoksha 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.
  • A flexible body free of injuries is NOT a requirement for this training, In fact, WE ENCOURAGE people with all body types and those who can take physical challenges to consider this program.
  • At least one year of regular practice prior to the start of this course is desirable although not mandatory

Daily Schedule at Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh

05:45 AM Morning Meditation

Mornings begin with short meditations to develop the attitude of self awareness and inner peace. 

06:15 AM Vinyasa Flow

Practise of Vinyasa Flow. A combination of asanas performed in various sequences to harness the energies of body & mind. A perfect way to start your day.

07:30 AM Shatkarma ( Yogic cleansing)

Shatkarma are a set of cleansing techniques to remove the toxins from the body. They emphasise good health and well being by eliminating the wastes and balancing Doshas. 

08:00 AM Pranayama

Pranayama restores energy and strength, opens up the energy pathways and enhances the pranic energy in us. They are always best done after asanas and shatkarma.

09:00 AM Breakfast

Breakfast is sattvic and consists of fresh fruits, legumes, vegetables, sprouts, and traditional Indian cuisines. The vegan option is available to those who require it. For those who have allergies to certain foods, we make sure that the food is served as per their specifications.

10:00 AM Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy lectures covers the traditional aspects of Yoga Darshan. Details of History of Yoga, Vedas, Darshans, Yogic lifestyle and its implementation and Yoga psychology are taught in a traditional format. 

11:30 AM Asana Alignment

Alignment class explains the fundamentals of asana practise and body alignment of each posture. This sessions helps students to understand the individual postures and their physical and energetic aspects on our bodies. They also learn the teaching methods for each posture as well and vinyasas. 

01:00 PM Lunch

We serve traditional Indian food for lunch. Chapati, Dal, Vegetables, Salad, Rice, Yogurt (for non-vegans), Papad, etc. Our food is prepared with care and only a small quantity of spices are used. If the students have any particular preference, they usually let us know in advance. We happily accommodate the dietary preference of the students.

03:15 PM Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

These sessions will be focussed on gaining functional knowledge on applied anatomy and physiological concepts in Yoga. Students wil learn about human body and how yoga effects in a positive manner different systems of human body. 

04:45 PM Hatha Yoga

Evening practise is about Hatha Yoga. Practising asanas in a traditional format and developing awareness in each posture in emphasised in these lesson. Also individual adjustments are taught for postures so students can apply them when they teach.

06:15 PM Meditations

We finish the day on a calming note by doing various forms of Meditations from Yoga & Tantra. They include Yoga Nidra, Music meditation, Sound healing, Breath meditations, Mantras & Bhajans. An absolute way to connect with yourself. 

07:15 PM Dinner

Dinner served is a combination of soothing and light foods which are easy to digest and let you have a relaxing sleep. Enjoy your meals with light devotional music to rest for the day. Lights are out at 10:00 PM strictly and nobody is allowed to stay out after that. 

Weekend Excursions & Spiritual Experience

  • Visit the ancient Vashishta Guha (cave) as a part of the curriculum so as to experience real contemplative awareness and meditation. This place is a calm and extremely energetic abode for all seekers who want to spend time in solicitation looking into themselves. A small ashram is located in the midst of the Himalayas along the river Ganga.
  • In addition to that, Nature walks & treks are a regular feature of the program where students are exposed to nearby places of serenity and peace. The guided tour is organized to the places like Kunjapuri in order to get a glimpse of the Himalayan natural landscape and beauty.
  • Submerge into the divine flow of Bhakti Yoga by attending Holy Puja Ritual on the banks of Ganga. The river is considered as holy in the Vedic culture. 
  • Furthermore, Yagya, or holy fire ceremony is also organized while the course. It is an opportunity to learn to sacrifice the false ego. In addition to that, it cultivates samskaras of compassion and harmony with the whole universe.
  • Satsang and Silent meditation, Mantra chanting, Discourses or readings on the philosophy of Yoga and Vedanta. It helps to develop a strong and steady-state of mind very especially relevant in practical life situations of arousal and aggression.
  • Students also can choose to avail the opportunity of enjoying the white water rafting in Ganga while being in Rishikesh depending on weather conditions.

Ethics & Behavior Guidelines for 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh



  • We follow the traditional approach of Yoga in teaching & practice. Therefore teachings can be different from the pattern taught in most western countries.
  • We do not follow or teach any of the modern-day modifications of Yoga which are presented by several names. The students must keep in mind that the teachings will be strictly under the traditional principles of Yoga.
  • Behavior is an integral part of learning as well as the assessment procedure. Students must, therefore, adhere to the idea of community and harmony. This is extremely helpful to learning & growth & is an integral part of the Gurukul system.
  • We intend to culminate the experience of well-being on the mental and physical planes of a person. The purpose of training and routine is to gain the maximum of our time and efforts.
  • Discipline is a must. So the students must pursue the course routine and structure seriously.
  • There is no provision for having guests. The information has to be provided to the administration beforehand if you are having visitors on the campus.
  • Attendance in all classes on time is a must.
  • Students need to possess a competent state of physical and mental health. Because the practices of yoga can be strenuous sometimes for the body and mind. So please consult your physician before commencing the course if any issues of health exist, and inform the Jeevmoksha administration.

Yogic Food & Diet 

  • The food guidelines of Yoga & Ayurveda are used to prepare meals. Pure vegetarian meals are served at the ashram including fresh vegetables, fuits, legumes, beans, lentils, salads, soups, chutnies, chapatis, rice, sprouts, juices and smoothies. 
  • Our meals contains all the necessary nutritions which are necessary from a yogic perspective to build strength and stamina. At the same time the focus is on keeping the body and mind lighter and alert.
  • All types of intoxication and unethical practices are strictly restricted at the Gurukul.
  • Observe the codes of yoga lifestyle during your stay at the Gurukul. It is extremely important for the sadhaka of yoga to adapt to the virtues of truthfulness, awareness, self-introspection, compassion for all beings & attitude of devotion so as to gain progress and strength of body and mind.

Terms & Conditions

  • In order to ensure firm progress, the student must attend all the sessions without fail.
  • Visiting hours of friends and relatives are limited during the day.
  • The accommodation provided will be simple & basic in nature with one room with attached toilets and the meals served will also be plain and sattvic in composition.
  • For any grievances please contact the course coordinator.
  • The candidature is subject to cancellation at any time during the course due to misbehavior or non-compliance with the rules & regulations by the student at the discretion of the Jeevmoksha administration.
  • In addition to the above, please make sure to clear all the dues before leaving the premises.

Refund Policy

The fee once paid for 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is non-refundable. This can be adjusted to any further date within one year from the date of enrollment if the student is not able to appear for the course enrolled. The information has to be provided to the institute administration beforehand. The decision to transfer the registration fee lies solely with the Jeevmoksha administration towards transferring the fee to a further date.

NOTE: If the candidate is to leave in between the course, the Registration fee will not be adjusted towards any other payments like accommodation, etc.