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Kundalini Shakti: The primordial energy of Life

For thousands of years in the Tantra tradition, a phenomenon exists. Phenomenon of a potential source life energy that exists in all of us; life, in every form, evolved from the impetus drawn from this source, and manifested in vivid forms all across the universe. This potential is given the name of Kundalini shakti. Shakti words stands for energy, and has been used tremendously in different contexts to identify different versions of energy. Kundalini word, however is used specifically this creative energy which supposedly exists in a coiled form at the base of our spinal canal in the perineum. That base is known as KANDA STHAAN, which literally is translated as a pit. Physiologically observing, the pelvic girdle is that pit which houses the kundalini and the base of the body called perineum is where it all starts.

kundalini shakti

The name Kundalini is formed by the word Kundal, which means coils. The yogis of the lore, experienced this potential source of life energy as a serpent in 3 and a half coils, who is sleeping with her head folded in between the coils. This is a magnificent visualization in terms that it represents the potency of the serpent which is waiting to be realized. Sleeping state of kundalini means that there are immense possibilities for a person in life which awaits their actualization.

This whole analogy is based upon the limitless possibilities that life can offer to us. The multitude of dimensions in which we can evolve as an individual. Because for those who laid the foundation of Tantra & Yoga principles, evolution was primary. They believed in the fact that as living organisms our primary objective in life is to evolve. And it’s not just limited to the human form. All the species irrespective of their current state are on the path of evolution.

To give propulsion to this, the practices of kundalini awakening were designed. Many yogis put forth their entire life energy to explore the depths of this phenomenon and bring out the deep secrets hidden behind the complex of physical matter. They were the first to give us the principles of quantum mechanics, describing how subtle out existence can be. They explored the layers on which life energy pulsates and eventually found that energy is indestructible and merging it with the consciousness is what brings the unfoldment of a divine absolute experience.

In our lives, we are constantly driven by this energy in all the aspects of lives. There are six major dimensions called Chakras, which encompass the versatile nature of human existence. Kundalini yoga teaches us how to establish a harmony in these chakras and make them work towards enlightening these dimension. Making the life energy flow smoothly through all the chakras and dimension of our beings is the primary goal of Kundalini sadhana.

kundalini shakti

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